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The Uswing story began on October 21st, 2019 in Macao when Warren Fong, a rigorous Chinese amateur golfer with a single handicap, played in a Pro-Am invitational tournament with Phil Mickelson, a legendary golfer and winner of six major championships. At hole 14, they had different judgments on a 4-foot putt. Mickelson thought the ball should be putted into the hole by the left side while Fong believed otherwise. In the end, Fong made the right judgment wearing the Uswing sunglasses.


Mickelson was apparently impressed by the result. Since playing The Match: Champions for Charity in May, 2020, he started wearing the Uswing sunglasses given by Fong. Henceforth, Uswing made its debut appearance in the international tournaments. Since then, Mickelson was seen wearing them in most of his winning competitions. In the most recent PGA Championship 2021, he had also utilised the Uswing Sunglasses Golfer 002. On the other hand, C. T. Pan, the famous Chinese player, wore Uswing when playing The Masters 2020 and achieved a memorable debut by finishing with a tied seventh.  


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